The hardest part of any fitness program is showing up. Even more difficult when the temperature drops, the rain is coming down sideways, and the sun sets a few hours after lunch and slowly rises a couple hours after breakfast. All good reasons to contemplate hibernating. But not good enough to postpone your health and fitness.

Let’s break the back on these dark days. We’ve got a new challenge that will keep your foot on the gas towards your fitness goals.

From November 24th to December 24th, attend as many classes as you can. On the daily we’ll update the lederboard below to track your commitment. We’ll award the top 3 members with a Collector’s Rocky Point Tee. No Tie-Breakers. All Top 3 get a Tee.

We’ll have a separate category for the Comeback Kids. The top 3 members with the largest improvements in their attendance will also win a Collector’s RP Tee.

You have questions:

  1. What if there is a tie in the top 3? We hope there is! RP Collector Tees for all!
    Does doing Open Gym count towards my commitment? Yes. Just make sure to sign into that Open Gym with your Wodify App.
  2. Can I come everyday? We expect some of you will. Here’s the thing. You need to ensure you are including one or two Active Recovery sessions throughout the week. Perhaps it’s putting time in on an ERG during Open Gym, perhaps it’s doing an Active Recovery version of the daily WOD. Ask the coach on those days for Active Recovery advice.
  3. If I do a class and an Open Gym on the same day, does that count for 2 points? We appreciate the enthusiasm, but you can only earn 1 point a day
  4. How will the Comeback Kid category be determined? We’ll be taking everyone’s average monthly attendance from: August 16 to November 16. On December 24th we’ll compare Challenge Attendance to Average Monthly Attendance and determine the top 3 most improved.

What do you need to do to register? Nothing!

  • Just Show Up
  • Have a great workout
  • Hang out with great people
  • Maintain (or regain) your momentum to healthiest, fittest version of yourself (Future you will thank you)

See you at the gym