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Get in the best shape of your life with help from our Professional Preventative Healthcare Coaches!
Our personalized coaching is the most effective and dependable way to optimize your health. It’s time to take control of your health and live an awesome life.
We accept a small amount of new clients each month to work one-on-one with our Professional Coaches. Apply for a free consultation and discovery session today.  

Professional Coaches, Premium Results.

Our coaches are not just “personal trainers”, they are professionals, producing premium results. What’s the difference?

A professional coach invests years into their education and development. They consistently aim to refine their craft and enhance their competency.

A personal trainer often has limited education and experience (many have nothing more than a weekend certification).

The difference: You’ll be working with someone who has the knowledge and experience to produce the results your seeking; safely and efficiently.

A professional coach understands what drives human behavior. They have mastered the skills necessary to create lifelong healthy habits.

A personal trainer often has limited experience with the complexities associated with lifestyle coaching.

The difference: You’ll be able to break free from limiting habits and create new empowering ones that will change your life.

A professional coach works full-time (as professionals, they’ve dedicated their lives to their profession and wouldn’t have it any other way).

A personal trainer is often a fitness enthusiast and works part-time.

The difference: You’ll be working with a coach who considers you their top priority and your health their life’s work.

A professional coach focuses on long term, sustainable results. They abide by the laws of science.

A personal trainer often suggests quick fixes or the latest fads in fitness.

The difference: You’ll approach your health with a long term perspective. Your coach will prescribe actions that will produce lasting results.

Our coaches are professionals. Request a complimentary session today.

What You Can Expect From Our Professional Coaching

Within 12 months, your life will become awesome – And continue to be awesome for the rest of your life.

Get the body you’ve always wanted.

Our coaches are all about improving whole health and gaining the specific results you’re seeking, whether that’s losing body fat, increasing strength, improving cholesterol, preventing diabetes, getting toned, reducing stress, improving function, or an alternative health metric.

Optimize your health, without disrupting your life.

No more diets or unsustainable-quick-fixes. No more endless searching trying to discover what works and what doesn’t. Our coaches will show you the path and ensure it works within your lifestyle.

Small changes. Awesome results.

Our coaches will take your complex needs and break them down into small, frequent changes that add up to achieve awesome results. You’ll develop the habits needed for long-term success. After all, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit”. – Aristotle.

Customized for you.

When you’re armed with personalized advice, you’re more likely to achieve your health goals. Our coaches will assess your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle. Then we’ll develop a customized plan to help optimize your health. We’ll focus on getting you to eat better, move better, and live an awesome life.

A definitive period of time.

We recognize the importance of sharing our knowledge, experience, and wisdom in such a way that our clients become self sufficient. It’s cost effective, sustainable, and helps achieve our ultimate mission of facilitating an awesome life.

Professional Coaching.

Our coaches are professionals, not hobbyists and their actions reflect this this simple yet powerful distinction. “Our clients are our top priority and their health is our life’s work.”

Feel motivated and energized towards achieving your goals.

Our coaches make tremendous role models; practicing what they preach and inspiring others to follow their path. They’ll be your walking role model and energize your commitment to improving your health.

Genuine care and an awesome life.

As professionals, our coaches not only care about your health, they care about you! They are committed to you and will be there when you need them most. They genuinely want you to live an awesome life full of movement, adventure, and fun. One where you feel comfortable in your own skin; loving and respecting your body.

Evidenced-based information. Proven results.

Our coaches have produced results for 100’s of your neighbours in Coquitlam. They’ve invested years developing their expertise and are constantly updating their education. You’ll receive the latest in exercise, nutrition, and preventive healthcare research.

Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back.

Yes, we’re so confident in producing results that we guarantee them! We’ll coach you for an entire year on our Professional Preventative Healthcare Program and if you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your money.

Professional Coaching, Proven Results.

*Individual results may vary for each member.

Learn More About Our Coaching Process

Who’s Our Personalized Coaching For?

Our Personalized Coaching is for women and men who want to optimize their health and stay fit and functional for the rest of their lives.

It’s for people who want to:

  • Lose weight and body fat
  • Increase strength and confidence
  • Naturally balance cholesterol levels and prevent diabetes
  • Get results that last
  • And get off of the “yo-yo” diets and “quick-fix-10min-abs” exercise programs for good!


It’s for those that recognize the importance of building a relationship with a professional who has the knowledge and skills to help produce the results they are seeking.

Plus, it’s designed for those with busy schedules. You’ll decided what time is best to work with your coach and we’ll provide the accountability to help keep you consistent and on track.

They won’t give you some quick-fix diet to follow nor will they prescribe an unsustainable exercise program; instead they’ll help you build the habits that will produce results that last a lifetime.

We are looking for committed individuals, who are ready to show up, take action, and create long-term, sustainable changes to their overall health.

Who’s Our Personalized Coaching Not For?

It’s not for those who already hold themselves accountable and have all the motivation they already need. They’re likely better suited to our Group Fitness environment.

And It’s not for those focused on instantaneous results, as a society we’re often choosing short-term solutions that become long-term problems.

Our coaches know the time it takes to produce results and we’ll politely refer you to another facility if your expectations aren’t realistic.

What Does a Typical Getting Started Package Look Like?

Our getting started package usually consist of 3-48 coaching units, primarily focused on further assessment and consultation.

This invaluable package will reveal your current state of whole-health and lay the groundwork for future success with your coach.

Wondering what a “Professional Coaching Unit” is?

Unlike the great majority of personal trainers in Coquitlam, our Professional Preventive Healthcare Coaches (PPHCs) sell their services as Coaching Units; rather than personal training sessions.

Our Coaching Units can be used for a wide variety of services including goal setting, individually tailored nutrition planning, customized fitness programming, lifestyle based counseling and more. You and your coach will decide the best use of your Coaching Units and designate them appropriately.

This approach is far more effective at producing results and disrupts the conventional approach of a personal trainer simply being paid to show up, count your reps, and cheer you on while you workout.

Each package is customized and tailored to your specific needs and budget to ensure superior results.

After hearing your coaches professional opinion, you will decide the best use of your time together.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Our professional coaches begin with detailed assessments, then they focus on building the habits that are necessary to achieve your goals; and finally, they begin to re-assess what’s working and what’s not, guaranteeing the results you’re looking for.

How does this differ from other personal trainers? The difference lies in our professional knowledge and experience. Our coaches know exactly what to assess, how to interpret the complex findings, and how to craft a plan that will produce the specific outcomes you are seeking.

For example, our detailed assessments will discover your goals and desires, your current state of whole health, and your expectations; ensuring that your initial efforts towards better health are focused on the areas that will have the biggest impact.

With your individual findings, your coach will craft a customized exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle plan matched to your abilities and desires. Each day you’ll take small actions that produce big results; creating the habits necessary for an awesome life.

As you progress through the program, your coach will continue to re-assess and monitor your progress towards your goals, ensuring you stay on track; focusing on what’s working and altering what’s not.

Let’s give you a more specific example, if your primary goal is weight loss your coach would suggest assessments relative to that metric. They would measure your starting weight, your target weight, your expectations for results, your willingness to comply with suggested modifications, your body fat, your nutritional habits, your hydration levels, your activity levels, your stress levels, your body image perception, and how your clothes fit. This seems obvious but you would be surprised how few trainers actually assess, document, and monitor these critical metrics when getting started.

Next, they will deliver your individualized prescription and assist you in forming new habits; helping you take consistent action towards your goals. These habits will be relative to your unique assessment; ensuring they are achievable, sustainable and complementary.

After that they begin to re-assess and ensure your metrics are in fact improving. They want to know that you are losing weight, that your body fat is changing, that your clothes are fitting differently; that you are moving towards your awesome life.

Finally, they’ll hold you accountable to your problem areas and adjust the prescription if necessary to ensure your guaranteed results.

But what if your primary goal was strength gains? How about combating onset diabetes or lowering cholesterol? Maybe it’s improving function and flexibility and the management of chronic pain?

Each of these primary targets would warrant different assessments and focus to ensure your desired results.

For strength gains we’d assess things like movement capacity, muscle imbalances, and power production. Your customized plan would include tailored strength programming and strategies for optimizing recovery. Finally, reassessment would focus more on performance outcomes and work capacity.

For combating onset diabetes our first request would be to collaborate with your Medical Doctor. Then we’d  likely invest more time in counseling, holding you accountable to making the lifestyle changes that you know you should be making but aren’t. We’d want to assess certain psychological factors regarding food and exercise; such as your emotional connections and associations.

For reducing high blood pressure, again, we’d first want to speak with your doctor, then we’d invest more time into assessing your lipid profile while measuring and balancing your dietary fat intake.

This is why detailed assessments are so important. It takes a professional coach to know what to assess, what the findings mean, what actions to take, what habits to focus on, and when to re-assess to help guarantee results.

You are unique and your professional coach will ensure your assessments, prescriptions, and reassessments are focused on the areas that will have the biggest impact.

A Definitive Period of Time

You’ve likely heard of the concept of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”. At Rocky Point we truly embrace this concept.

We recognize the importance of sharing our knowledge, experience, and wisdom in such a way that our clients become self-sufficient. It’s cost effective, sustainable, and helps achieve our ultimate mission of facilitating an awesome life.

Each coach/client relationship starts with a predetermined, definitive period of time, further communicating the road to success and the investment required from both parties.

We also purposely limit the amount of clients each coach works with at any given time, ensuring their devoted attention to you.

Having clear expectations of the time and cost involved will ultimately help you make a firm decision. Firm decisions create actions, and actions create results.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our personalized coaching costs vary in accordance to commitment levels and frequency, starting as low as $87/Coaching Unit and up.

We also have membership plans and packages to accommodate a variety of budgets, ensuring people from all walks of life can work with us.

Guaranteed Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

There are a lot of personal trainers in Coquitlam, but there are few that offer a 100% money back guarantee.

We’re so confident in our professional coaches that we guarantee your satisfaction. We’ll coach you for an entire year and you’ll get in the best shape of your life… or it’s free. That’s right, give us twelve months to work with you and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

All you have to do is take the first step. Apply for a complimentary one-on-one session today.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started couldn’t be easier… Apply for a complimentary health and fitness assessment with one of our professional coaches and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs to set up your personal appointment. Again, we only accept a small amount of new clients each month to work one-on-one with our PPHC’s so apply today as there may be a wait list.

During your initial assessment our professional coaches will help discover your goals and desires. Together, you’ll craft a customized plan of action that’s inline with your budget and timeline.

Apply for a complimentary session now!

A Final Note

Realize the hardest step in achieving anything is making a true commitment… a true decision.

The power lies in recognizing that you can make decisions at any given moment. You can decide right now! Remember, your definitive decision will create action, and actions produce results.

In fact, studies have shown that the most successful people make decisions rapidly because they are clear on their values and what they really want for their lives. The same studies show that they are slow to change their decisions, if at all. On the other hand, people who fail usually make decisions slowly and change their minds quickly, always bouncing back and forth.

Deciding to commit yourself to a professional coach, focused on long-term results, rather than short-term fixes, could be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life.

Your coach will bring a commitment to achieving your results that’s as serious as your own.

If you’ve truly made the decision that you deserve optimal health, the action is simple. Take the first step and apply for a complimentary one-on-one session with one of our professional coaches today.