Errol Clark is one of the principal owners of Rocky Point Crossfit. He holds over 12 years of experience as a performance coach and has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, increase strength, improve function, and decrease pain in their lives. His experience and education ranks among some of the best in Crossfit.

Errol believes in continuing education and constant learning. He is one of the few trainers in North America to successfully complete the Crossfit L3 CCFT designation and the OPEX CCP coaching modules. In fact, there are over 100,000 trainers listed in Crossfit’s directory and only 45 of them have the L3 designation in Canada. Of those, only a handful have also completed their OPEX CCP coaching modules, placing Errol in the top 99 percentile of Crossfit coaches worldwide.

Errol specializes in behavioural change and has extensive knowledge in program design. He also has a refined skill set for improving the nuances of functional movement.

Errol is one of the founders of the CanWest Games (the largest Crossfit competition in Canada) and has years of experience with running fitness competitions and programming for a variety of athletes.


  • 12 + Years Experience
  • 8000 + Coaching Hours Logged
  • Certified Level 3 CrossFit Trainer & CCFT (1st in Western Canada)
  • Certified OPEX Assessment
  • Certified OPEX Program Design
  • Certified OPEX Lifestyle Coaching
  • Certified OPEX Nutrition
  • Completion of the Original OPEX CCP Modules
  • Certified Level 2 Crossfit Trainer
  • Certified Level 1 Crossfit Trainer
  • Certified Crossfit Lesson Planning Course
  • Certified Crossfit Scaling Course
  • Certified Crossfit Spot The Flaw Course
  • Certified Naka Athletics Freestyle Movement
  • Certified Completion of Human Anatomy with Somatic Explorations – Full Cadaver Dissection (6 Days/42 Contact hrs)
  • Certified TPT Instructor
  • Certified Expert Rating Personal Trainer
  • Certified Expert Rating Sports Nutritionist
  • Completion of NCCP multi-sport module A
  • Certified Emergency first aid, CPR level C and AED
  • Completed Fundamental boxing training with Golden Gloves boxer and Olympic medalist, Dale Walters
  • Toastmasters’ Competent Communicator


Errol’s pursuit of fitness is focused to enhance his life overall. In his eyes, “The perfect fitness program” would allow for balanced development of spiritual, mental, and physical attributes. He uses fitness as a vehicle to strengthen his character, improve and sustain functional capacity, and develop a consistent state of vitality.

He believes fitness is the best medicine, one that comes without risk of side effects, only side benefit. In saying that, getting the prescription correct is paramount. Just like a potent drug, too much will kill you, too little won’t likely do anything at all, and the right amount will elicit the desired effect. It’s all about getting the dose correct.

Finally, he believes that there’s nothing wrong with the pursuit of fitness to improve aesthetics. He recognizes that everyone typically wants to look better naked. He holds no judgement for clients that are focused on just that. He does however encourage his client’s to find deeper meaning in their pursuits. He believes this will help them focus on the bigger picture. Creating the inspiration necessary to keep up with their fitness program when life inevitably gets in the way.


His coaching philosophy is centred around making small incremental changes that add up to big results. He encourages his clients to establish a long-term vision of their health and fitness priorities. This naturally leads to better choices and sustainable decisions.

He believes that client assessment and consultation are critical components of good coaching. Genetics, age, experience, goals, biomarkers, and functional requirements must be thoroughly assessed. This helps determine appropriate starting points, program design, and the path to future success.

He believes clients need to feel empowered. He arms his clients with knowledge so that they can eventually take responsibility for their own performance and health.

Finally, he’s seen great success with “group-fitness” programs and “individually-designed” fitness programs. He believes that both can be highly effective at creating long-term results. As with many things in fitness, there are pro’s and con’s to each approach. He discusses this in consultation with each client, discovering the correct path for their unique position.


Errol’s passion for sports developed at a young age where he primarily pursued skiing, snowboarding, dirt biking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. He eventually began to excel at freeskiing and decided to move to Whistler to pursue his dream of becoming a professional skier.

Whistler (being the Mecca of action sports in Canada) provided Errol with an opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in the world. Errol competed as a sponsored freeskiing athlete from 2001-2006. Skiing gave him invaluable experience with training, coaching, and recovery from injuries.

During his skiing years he coached several athletes and was named head coach of the South America snow sessions in 2005. It was during these many coaching sessions that Errol discovered a talent for helping others reach their full athletic potential.

Errol credits much of his past experiences as an athlete for his continued growth as a performance coach. Surfing, skiing, and biking remain staples in his life today.


  • 1st Place: Orage Slopestyle, Apex Mountain, March 15th 2003
  • 2nd Place: Orage Big Air, Apex Mountain, February 16th 2003
  • 2nd Place: Sprite Series Slopestyle, Blackcomb Mountain, February 9th 2003
  • 3rd Place: Orage Slopestyle, Apex Mountain, February 17th 2003
  • 4th Place: Sprite Series Halfpipe, Blackcomb Mountain, January 18th 2003
  • 4th Place: Helly Hanson Big Air, Mt. Washington, January 11th 2003
  • 4th Place: Sprite Series Slopestyle, Blackcomb Mountain, February 23rd 2003
  • 3 Full page adds in SBC Skier Magazine: Issues 1-3 2002/2003 season
  • Full page contents shot in Ski Canada Magazine: December 2002
  • Full Page Merit Badge Trick in SBC Skier Magazine: “How to do a rodeo 720” Volume 3 issue 4
  • Life style photo in SBC Skier Magazine: Issue 4 2003
  • Life size poster at Atomic booth in Las Vegas trade show 2003
  • Aired Twice on Global TV during prime time television, with Mike Falcon 2003
  • 7/11 Fast Track commercial airing on prime time television 2004/2005
  • Movie segment in One Up Productions 2002/2003
  • Movie segment in Theory 3 Media, “Safety Meeting” 2004/2005
  • Footage in Camp of Champs promotional video 2002
  • Nominated head ski coach for South America Snow Sessions 2005