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As you may have heard, Fraser Health Authority has given the green light for fitness facilities to reopen. We must adhere to the guidelines (link here to Fraser Health’s Guidelines). And we must keep a written Covid-19 Mitigation Plan on site for inspection. 


But before I get to that, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your support during the last two months. You have my eternal gratitude! I know things were difficult for you as well. Your investment in us allows us to continue to deliver and improve our service to you. Thank you!


1./ We have produced a set of protocols that exceed the guidelines provided by Fraser Health. Before you can return to Rocky Point you will be required to review and understand this plan. Your signature will be required to acknowledge your receipt of the plan. Please use this link to review and sign the plan:


Rocky Point Phase One: Covid-19 Mitigation Plan


At the time of writing, Wodify is displaying a blacked out screen that contains the document on some devices. If this is the case for you, please follow the link below to the pdf then return to the Wodify link to complete your signature on the 3 page. 


Rocky Point Phase One: Covid-19 Mitigation Plan (pdf version)


While our Covid-19 Mitigation Plan may seem draconian at first blush, bear in mind that we are proceeding with an abundance of caution. We will not allow any exceptions to this plan during Phase 1. As we navigate this fluid situation we will adjust, amend and remove protocols as the environment warrants. During Phase 1, no exceptions will be made to the plan.


2./ Do you wish to remain at home during the first phase of the re-opening? If so, please contact myself or Errol as soon as you can so that we:

  • Don’t hound you to return any equipment you have signed out
  • Ensure that you have equipment to complete the Virtual Classes
  • Be of service in any other way


3./ Virtual Class. We will continue to program and run the Noon Virtual Classes during Phase 1 of re-opening. The 6PM virtual class will be mothballed. The Virtual class will be recorded and uploaded to the Rocky Point YouTube Channel


4./ Social Nights. We’ve had a lot of fun with the Social Nights these last two months. We will continue to host Trivia, JackBox Games nights on a regular basis. Stay tuned for the schedule.


5./ Equipment Return. If you plan on returning to the gym we’ll need the loaned-out equipment back. We will have a coach in the gym from 10-4 Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Come on by during this time to drop off. Nothing personal, but we will be giving everything a thorough cleaning prior to storing If you are unable to make it during those times please let me know and we will arrange for a pick-up.


6./ Access. We will be running a similar schedule to the one prior to lockdown. One big difference will be a mandatory 30 minutes between sessions for the attending coach to execute the cleaning protocols. During Phase 1 a maximum of 12 people (plus the coach) will be permitted on the gym floor. Session Access is by reservation only! Walk-ins will not be permitted. During Phase 1 the floor layout will be the following for both a coached class and open gym:

Each square measures 10’ by 12’. The distance between the centre of each square is 10 feet (3.04meters)


Access Continued. Ensure that you have the latest Wodify Athlete App installed on your phone. You will need it to:

  • Reserve your class or open gym session
  • Sign in (the main sign-in computer will be disabled)
  • Record your work (the main computer will be disbled)


Wodify Athlete App Apple – 

Wodify Athlete App Android – 


You may not enter the facility until your coach lets you in. Remain in your car, outside your car, walk the parking lot, or remain 2 meters apart from each other at the bay doors. Do not congregate.

The attending coach will screen you with the following before you are permitted to enter:

  • Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Chills
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sore throat and painful swallowing
    • Fatigue
    • Are you living with anyone who has experienced the symptoms of Covid 19 recently 
    • Have you or anyone at your house traveled outside of the province in the last 2 weeks.
  • We are exercising great caution. As should you. Do not take any symptoms lightly. Play it safe. Keep your community safe. Stay home.


  1. The Schedule. For the full schedule please use this link: https://rockypointcrossfit.ca/class-schedule/ Once again, the schedule is subject to change in the future. For the present, we will not be running a Sunday Class. (The schedule is still being configured at the time of writing this email. Reservations will open 24 hours prior to the class starting).


8./ Group Classes. Upon entry to the gym you will ensure you have washed or disinfected your hands (hand sanitizer stations will be set-up at the entrance) and head straight to your square. The squares will already have all the equipment you need for the day’s session. Ranging from RX to Scale and options in between. There will be 6 Female Equipment Squares. And 6 Male Equipment Squares. There should not be any reason for you to exchange your gear. If so, alert a coach and they will do this for you. The idea is that once you are in your square, you remain there until the session is over.


9./ Open Gym. There will be an attending coach at every Open Gym session. For phase 1 of re-opening attendees of Open Gym will follow the same protocols as a group class. You will clean/disinfect your hands upon entry and head to a square. You can do any programming you desire, however you must use only the equipment that is in that square for the day. During Phase 1 you will not have access to exchanging your equipment, using the racks. Like the group class, once you enter the square you don’t leave it until the end of the session.


10./ Entry and Exit. During the 30 minute cleanings between sessions there will be no access to gym. The Bay doors will be closed and will be opened when the attending coach is prepared to let you in. Entry and exit will be by the Bay door only. No exceptions. Cones will placed every 2 meters at the gym entrance as a silent reminder to avoid congregating. At the conclusion of the session we ask that you exit as soon as possible so that we can prepare the gym for the next session.


11./ Reserving a class. Capacity is restricted to 12 people per session. During Phase 1 of reopening we ask that you do not make more than 3 reservations per week. By doing so we ensure that everyone has equitable access to their preferred class choice.


The waitlist function is active in Wodify. If someone cancels their reservation everyone on the waitlist will be notified and you will have an opportunity to reserve that space.


We will be keeping a close eye on reservation, class attendance and enforcing the 3 reservation rule. Please be considerate of your community. 


12./ Personal Training. Personal training sessions will resume. They will be conducted within the same workspace as the group class/ open gym. Your coach will reserve that space for you. Please wait outside the facility until your coach calls you in. You will proceed to your square, drop off your belongings, wah your hands, then return to your square where your coach will have the session prepared. Please ask your coach for further expectations.


13./ Kids and Dogs. During Phase 1 of reopening neither species will be permitted in the facility.


14./ Changerooms, Showers, Water, Personal Belongings. During Phase 1 there will be no access to any of these. Be prepared to head straight to your reserved space when you arrive. You can deposit your belongings outside of your square. Bring your own water. Go home stinky.


15./ Washroom Use. If you need to use the washroom, you must clean everything you touch with the provided cleaning supplies.


16./ Chalk. The community chalk buckets have been removed. Please bring your own chalk (and take it home with you). We will have a limited amount of chalk available for sale.



We have been in serious discussion regarding the use of masks. Fraser Health’s guidance states that masks are not required if we maintain physical distancing. While it might be preferable that everyone wears a mask significant data has been produced that indicates additional complications deriving from depriving oneself of oxygen while working out. The coaches will be wearing masks during the sessions we attend. We leave the decision to wear a mask up to you. Whether you wear a mask or not you are required to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to awareness of physical distancing.


Rocky Point Staff Safety

All coaches and staff are required to self monitor. If staff are experiencing any symptoms of illness they are required to stay home, self-isolate and contact a care provider. Coach compensation will not be interrupted while they remain at home.


Once again, from myself and all the coaches I thank you very much for supporting us through this experience. We cannot wait to be of service to you. Please contact me if there is anything I have overlooked. Your input has been a big part of developing our re-opening process and will continue to shape how we move into the future.


See you at the gym.