Monday March 30 2020 – Leah Virtual Class & Rock Trivia

Our Monday Social was Rock/Pop Trivia! Once again the technology works! We will be doing general Trivia again on Wednesday evening. Possibly Charades on Friday evening. And next Monday we’ll swing back to Music Trivia with TV Theme Songs and 80s. Congrats to Victoria who knocked Coach Aaron off his pedestal.

Leah had the bridge for the first time today with the Virtual Class. Nice job Leah! Aaron has put out the call. If 40 or more people show up on Wednesday for the class he will shave off his beard at the conclusion of the class. Is that a cleft in his chin or a birthmark? Join is Wednesday to find out.

Here is a recording of today’s Virtual Class.

Leah has been busy! Here is a sneak peek at Tuesday’s Home WOD:

Keep Safe. Stay Healthy! Blue Skies Sooon!

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