March 31 2020 – The Beard Come Off Tomorrow????

Aaron has issued the challenge: 40 people at tomorrow’s Noon Virtual class and he removes the beard at the conclusion of the class!

Big News!!! Based on the success of the technology, the turnouts to the Noon Class and feedback from you, we are adding a 6PM Live Virtual Class starting Wednesday Night! Our Virtual Class schedule now looks like this:

Noon Class: Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri-Sat
6PM Class: Mon-Wed-Fri 6PM Class:

If you missed today’s it was tough!!! I was sweating like a horse and complaining to anyone who’d listen. Which turned out to be the cat. He jumped off the TV stand and made to bite me. Here is a recording of today’s WOD

As always, we have the Home WOD available for you to complete at your “leisure”. Here is Aaron with Wednesday Home WOD:

We’ve got a Wednesday Night Social. Returning to classic Trivia. More opportunity to chit-chat. Try and have 2 screens for this one. One for Zoom. The other to answer the trivia questions. Here is the link:

Keep Safe! Stay Healthy! See you online!

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