The Rocky Point Longevity Prescription

Practice thought awareness and mindful attention daily. Harness the power of the present moment and reduce negative-stress.

Improve sleep quality. Develop a ritual. Match your body’s rhythms to the sun and the moon.

Eat natural nutrient-dense foods. Avoid packaged or processed. Vary and rotate your food choices. Eat mindfully to prevent overeating. Drink water prior to feeling thirsty. Avoid excessive chemical and pesticide exposure

Move daily. Include resistance training and activities that make you sweat. Start with a repetitive plan. Increase variance as you advance. Learn to stabilize your primal patterns; step, squat, bend, push, and pull. Advance strength with weights, jumps, and throws. Vary intensity levels frequently. Regularly spend time playing in nature.

Cultivate loving relationships. Help strangers. Participate in community outreach.

Create purpose. Never stop learning or teaching.

Aim for constant improvement of these habits. Be patient. Let go of perfection.

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