April 17 – Mindset Challenge – Virtual Classes

Hi! Great to see over 50 people signed up for our Mindset Challenge. You still have a chance to register.


We think this is a great time to train in this domain. Nerves are on edge. Lots of uncertainty. Mounting Anxiety. The fitness takes a bit of the edge off, but being able to respond to our thoughts rather than react is going to go a looooong way in coming out the other side of this in better health and mind. Here is Errol with some more information on the Mindset Challenge.

Today’s Virtual Class was 300 Air Squats for time. Some did it with a vest or weight!!!! The time to beat is Leanne L with a noodle-legged  10:44!!!! The next best is Alan O with 11:49. Both were weighted!!!! Careful on the stairs tomorrow. Think you can beat those times? Here’s Aaron with the Class. Don’t forget to register your results or it didn’t happen 😉

Patrick takes over the classes for the remainder of the week. Here he is with your briefing for tomorrow’s Home WOD.

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