Covid 19 Mitigation Protocols – August 17, 2020 Revision

We just updated our Covid 19 Mitigation protocols to reflect the creeping increase in reported cases in BC. We understand you might not know what your options are if you are feeling ill or have been in contact with someone who is symptomatic or has tested positive. The following is our addition to the Rocky Point Covid 19 Mitigation Protocols:


As cases begin to increase, we are asking members to maintain the utmost caution before attending a class. If you are feeling unwell and uncertain of a logical plan of action, start with the self-assessment tool provided by the BC Health Authority

BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

You may be prompted to call 811 to arrange a test. We do not need to know if you have gone for a test. But we do ask you to remain at home while you await results. If you test positive, please contact Tom ( 604-340-2978) so that we can conduct prompt contact tracing protocols.

Further, if anyone in your workplace has tested positive, please follow the instructions from your workplace.

We’ve made a couple of other revisions to the Protocols namely the new disinfectant we are using and it’s safety data sheet; capacity numbers and cleaning methods. We have a copy pinned to the board at the gym and there is a link to the latest copy:

Rocky Point Fitness Covid 19 Mitigation Protocols – Revision August 17, 2020

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