December 15th Update – Provincial Guidelines Released!

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan – Revision December 15 2020 has been revised to meet the guidelines put forth by the Public Health Office. Not too many changes required, we pretty much had it all covered back in May.


  • Added the following questions during the screening process:
    • Are you or anyone in your household awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test?
    • Have you or anyone in your household been issued a self-quarantine order by public health?
  • 14 People Max allowed in classes
  • Physical distancing is the single most important protocol for us to uphold.
    • Do not allow people to congregate outside. Coaches will be at the door 10 minutes prior to the class, screen members as they arrive and direct them to their square –
    • Ensure members are staying as close as they can to the centre of their square during the session (3 meters)
    • Do not allow people to congregate during the session
    • Coaches need to remain 3 M from members during the entire session. Verbal and visual cues only
    • Members have to leave the building immediately after they are done cleaning their gear
  • Masks are encouraged to be worn during exercise, but not required. Masks must be worn at all times when not exercising.
  • Audio. The guidelines state we must keep the music down to avoid raising our voices. It also recommends we use a microphone to ensure we do not have to raise our voices above a normal speaking level. The mic is hooked up and operational.
  • Keep the bay doors open at all times. Fans from the front have been removed. Ceiling fans discontinued.

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