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Consistency vs Perfection Part 2

Hey everyone, as you know our #1 priority remains constant, and that’s ensuring we’re doing all that we can to help improve your health both physically and mentally.

Through social media, phone calls, texts, and emails, we’ve tried to connect with as many of you as possible and we’ve noticed a trend or central theme that many of you seem to be struggling with…

That you can’t seem to find the motivation to train because it’s just not the same as it was before.

The people aren’t around you.

The environment just isn’t present in your house.

And your intensity and stoke level is a fraction of what it used to be.

Look, I can relate, if anyone in our gym loves group training it’s me. I’ve been studying program design for over 10 years and have the experience and confidence to design the “perfect” program for my needs. Yet, over the years, I routinely continue with participation in the group class because the inspiration and sensation just can’t be matched.

But we have to face a harsh reality at the moment. This social distancing strategy has no definitive timeline and we’re not certain of when we’ll all be back in the gym kicking ass together.

We’re confident we’ll all arrive there someday but it could be weeks from now and I want you to make the best of this shitty situation.

I’ve routinely mentioned a concept throughout the start of all of this.

It’s simple but powerful.

We all need to let go of perfection and strive for consistency. We need to embrace the concept of “always something” vs “all or nothing”.

No your workouts aren’t likely to be perfect. And they are not as likely to leave you feeling as amazing as you do when you’re crushing them with the members of our community.

But let me ask you a serious question, what’s better, doing nothing or doing something that’s not perfect or amazing?

Choosing the couch or choosing a 10 minute walk?

Choosing to scroll through instagram or choosing to do 5 burpees and 5 air squats for 5 minutes?

Choosing to eat another tub of ice cream or choosing to spend just 15 minutes completing the warm up for the Home WOD and skipping the rest?

If made consistently, which of these choices will lead you to greater happiness? To greater health? To greater fulfillment?

Again, I totally understand how easy it is to choose nothing. This is behaviour science 101 and you’re not alone. So let me help you even more. What is one thing that you could do that if you did consistently would move you towards better health?

And remember, It doesn’t have to be big or perfect or all inspiring, it just needs to be consistent.

Consistency trumps inconsistent perfection any day of the week. Focus on something so small that you’re certain that you can achieve it. This will build the momentum that’s needed for bigger goals and improved fitness in the future.

Here’s three that immediately come to mind for me:

  • Call one of your friends from the gym and challenge them to a best of 3 home WOD workout duo each week. You can throw down virtually or just just share your scores on the Wodfiy leaderboard.
  • Commit to 10min of movement per day, everyday, no matter how easy the movements are (like walking) or silly they feel (like Aaron’s high kicks). For bonus points, do this at the same time everyday.
  • Wake up each day and spend 5 mins writing down why movement is important to you and the rest should take care of itself.

Or perhaps movement isn’t the choice. If it’s not, what other healthy habit might you choose instead?

We’re here to help guys, and we’re committed to finding ways to add value to your lives. Please let us know if there is anything specifically we can help with.]

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