Finding Time For Self-Care

I think we all agree that it’s important to take time for ourselves. We intuitively recognize the benefits of movement, of slowing down, of eating nourishing foods, and of sleeping soundly. And when things are going smoothly in our lives, many of us seem to be able to find the time for these habits.

Yet interestingly enough, when life gets crazy, when we’re overworked, when we’re short on sleep, when we’re stressed and feeling particularly anxious, we tend to let these things slip. We often find our energy focused on our problems and putting out the fires of the day.

Ironically, of course, it’s during these highly stressful times that we need our healthy habits the most.

As I’ve mentioned several times over the past few weeks, the easiest way to ensure we’re moving the needle in the right direction is to commit to the concept of “always something” vs “all or nothing”. Always finding time for ourselves, even if it’s just a little.

I believe that we can all find moments of time throughout the day where we can slow down and become more aware about how we’re feeling. Where we can get up, shake the legs out and get the body moving. It’s probably never been more important to make time for self-care than it is right now.

If you can, take the time to slow down, to meditate, to be grateful, even if it’s for just 5 minutes…

And if it’s possible, take the time to get a little sweaty, do a virtual WOD or prep a nourishing meal.

Whatever you do, remember, taking time for yourself isn’t just about you, it’s about those that you love. When you take the time, no matter how little, you’re creating a stronger foundation to support and help others. You won’t be as irritable, snappy, or judgemental. And you’ll have the mental and physical energy that’s required to show up and make a difference for your family, for your community, for your friends, and loved ones.

If you can, give a little love to yourself so that you can give a lot of love to others.

About the author:

Coach Errol Clark holds over 12 years of experience as a performance coach and has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, increase strength, improve function, and decrease pain in their lives. 

Errol believes in continuing education and constant learning. He is one of the few trainers in North America to successfully complete the Crossfit L3 CCFT designation and the OPEX CCP coaching modules.

Errol specializes in behavioural change and has extensive knowledge in program design. He also has a refined skill set for improving the nuances of functional movement.

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